Automation allows us to work more effectively, carry out multiple changes at once and optimise workloads, resulting in incremental results.

From optimising thousands of keyword bids multiple times a day according to performance and additional potential, to real-time performance dashboards that tell us how many new customers we’re acquiring by channel, and at what cost, to scheduling key tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, automation essentially.

I use a series of tools and softwares that allow me to be 300% more productive when working on a project (that means I can get 4 hours worth of work done in just 1). From scripts that seamlessness optimise Paid Media campaigns towards a set KPI and pre-configured spreadsheets to automated reporting dashboards, lead generation systems and task management, I automate as much as I can in order to be able to spend my time on other tasks that require more of a manual (or mental) input.