This brand operates within the property sector with the objective of generating high quality enquiries for the locations that they service. The objective was to use our Google Ads media spend as efficiently as possible in order to compete with other brands with much deeper pockets and wider coverage than us.


As a first step we segmented the account according to each key performance indicator, weighing budget in favor of top converting segments, which significantly increased the data points available within the account. Then, we created a series of custom scripts which would allow us to seamlessly optimise each segment according to it’s true performance and available opportunity within the market, with the simple objective of reducing CPC and budget across non-converting terms and maximizing traffic and conversions across top converting terms with growth potential.


As we can see within the graph, the first couple of weeks saw a slight dip in performance, as our newly deployed scripts started making changes across thousands of keywords. During week 3 we started to see some positive results, with a +120% increase in enquiries YoY, which then grew to +2,650% increase in enquiries and then a whopping 4,300% increase YoY.